Waking every day in Jerusalem is like waking up in the middle of a dream that visited me often when I was a child, even before walking these streets. As I aged and watched the growth of this nation from afar, the call to come home became louder.

In 2014, I came to Israel permanently, leaving the country of my birth for the country of my blood.  For 30 years in the United States, I worked in the non-profit sector and still do periodically in Israel as a consultant. A native Rhode Islander, I lived in New York City for 16 years and then in Provincetown on Cape Cod in Massachusetts for 28 years. Provincetown is where I grew wings that allowed me to land in Israel. When I received my Israeli citizenship in 2014, I cried. When I got my passport with my nationality listed as “Israeli”, I also cried.  Born in 1947, as Israel was being reconstituted as a nation after a 2000 year exile for her people, I know now I am entering the last years of my life.  This is the last chapter.

For almost three years, I blogged for the Times of Israel Times of Israel blog and now am spreading my wings again so that the words that surround the page on which I am published are words I believe in.  I will share the words and thoughts of others and welcome comments. My goal is to bring people a better understanding of Israel and the Jewish people through my journey from the diaspora to homeland.